Using your mouse as you would your finger on the actual unit, swipe and click on the demo below to see all the features and
simulated ADS-B data that a real NGT-9000 system might provide.

For demonstration purposes, the information shown has been localized to one specific geographic location. The actual unit will provide data wherever an ADS-B station is transmitting. Map panning has been disabled as has the ability to adjust certain settings. This app is intended to familiarize the user with the functionality and features of an actual unit, but does not include actual real-time data or the ability to receive or transmit any actual ADS-B information.

Download the App

Available in the Apple and Android App stores. This free program is a virtual simulation of the Lynx NGT-9000 touchscreen cockpit display that lets pilots interact with the unit as if they had a real system in their hands. The L3 Lynx app is compatible with iPad and Android tablets.

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