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What is Lynx?

Imagine purchasing a Mode S transponder, traffic system, MFD, GPS/WAAS and datalink weather system for your cockpit. The cost might exceed the value of your aircraft. Enter the Lynx® MultiLink Surveillance Systems (MSS). It’s a simple replacement for your old transponder that’s packed full of ADS-B benefits. Using an intuitive layout and touchscreen interface, the Lynx NGT-9000 is a single box solution that balances today’s needs with tomorrow’s flight environment. You get ADS-B traffic, a Mode S Extended Squitter transponder with a compliant GPS/WAAS position source, NEXRAD graphical and textual weather as well as moving maps.

Up to the minute NOTAMs, TFRs and Winds and Temps Aloft data are also included. The Lynx NGT-9000 is a Dual Mode 1090ES ADS-B Out plus 1090 and 978 ADS-B In device that is designed for 14 V or 28 V installations. L-3 NextGen Active Traffic® is an available option that is integrated directly in the Lynx NGT-9000, eliminating the need for a remote box. Several models are available, providing a Lynx solution to fit almost any cockpit and budget.


Lynx NGT-9000 Quick Features

• Mode S Extended Squitter (ES) transponder with intuitive touchscreen interface

• Dual Mode 1090ES ADS-B Out plus 1090 and 978 ADS-B In

• Designed for 14 V or 28 V installations

• Patented Lynx Tail provides Flight ID, aircraft type and ground speed data of other ADS-B traffic

• Internal rule compliant position source (Embedded GPS-WAAS)

• Moving map including TFRs, airport databases and NOTAMs

• Subscription-free ADS-B weather including NEXRAD, METARs, Winds & Temps Aloft, AIRMETs and SIGMETs

• Customizable layouts and information per pilot preference

• Faceplate data port for maintenance personnel access to setup menus, software

   updates and option enablements


• Options available for embedded Lynx Active Traffic®, Antenna Diversity and Wi-Fi app connectivity

L-3’s Lynx NGT-9000 is designed to fit almost any cockpit configuration ... old or new.

Pilot Nightmare:

Busting a TFR

With the Lynx NGT-9000, you drastically reduce your chances of entering Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) airspace.

Using your mouse as you would your finger on the actual unit, swipe and click on the demo to see all the features and simulated ADS-B data.

Watch Lynx in action

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